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Have you ever wondered what happened to the love? The love you heard in songs, the love you felt from the singers, the love that was conveyed through the lyrics? With drive and determination Pomnisa shares her love and gives music a new countenance by making music that inspires, uplifts, heals, and delivers. Her vocal style can be described, as, as graceful as Whitney Houston and as soulful as Jill Scott.

Pomnisa was raised in a mostly single family home in a small city outside of Richmond, Va. Her mother was a hardworking mom who struggled to take care of her and her younger siblings. Her father was there but not there. He struggled with heavy alcohol addictions that eventually lead to his passing in 1994, at the young age of 40.



Pomnisa used music as her calming waters through all the issues of her youth. Her gifts for singing were first discovered in her hometown church choir where she led many solos and sang at different churches. In 1993 she entered her first talent show and was awarded first place. It was in that moment that she truly understood her call. Pomnisa went on to win many awards for her excellence in music throughout her high school and college career. She graduated from college and got her BA degree in Music Education from Old Dominion University.

After graduating college she was hired for a choral position at a school that was ironically named An Achievable Dream. In 2004 she recorded her first album entitled “REFLECTIONS” and it is currently being marketed. She also sings on the Praise and Worship team at her local church, and she is frequently invited to perform at different events throughout the Hampton Roads and Tri-City area.

It is her mission in life to share with the world the love and the gift that God has implanted in her. The power of love causes everything to heal. Let’s heal together.

I’ve been nominated for the VEER Magazine Music Award for Gospel/Inspirational Artist.


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